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Inevitable lyrics


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        To be true I must confess
    Making coffee I'm a mess
    Don't know anything about football.
    Been unfaithful once or twice
    Cannot even win at dice
    As for watches, I don't use one.
    To be completely honest,
    No one thinks of you
    Quite the way I do...
    It's all the same to you now.

    To be true I must confess
    I never sleep at twelve or less
    Never take a bath on Sundays.
    Since I'm telling you so much
    I cry in earnest once a month
    When the weather turns to freezing.
    With me nothing is easy
    Only you can tell
    You know me so well...
    Without you everything's a bore.

    The sky is seeing a million raindrops fall
    The hours seem to crawl
    And every day that passes is just the same
    Just like yesterday.
    I can't find anyway to forget you because
    To keep on loving you
    Is inevitable.

    I always felt that it was true
    When we talk about we two
    I should be the first revealing.
    Sure you know what's going on
    Nothing's better since you're gone
    At least I'm still breathing.
    And you won't be returning
    Nothing left to tell
    I know you so well...
    What will I ever do without you?


    I always felt that it was true
    When we talk about we two
    I should be the first revealing...
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